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Feminine Billionaire Leadership

DURATION: 6 months
FOR WHO: Rebel visionary woman with more than 1 million annual revenue
RESULT:  Access the new world structure and opulence frequency that will liberate your highest billion dream and unbound happiness in the most reliable, accurate and FAST way
OVERCOME:  Pain and fear of rejection and judgment, doubting and distrusting your vision, daily resistance, fear you can't handle your big dream. Feeling stuck at one level. Heaviness in your business.

About Feminine Billionaire Leadership

You made your million(s) and now you are coming home to your true level.

Feminine Billionaire Leadership is a 6 months premium group coaching programme for REBEL MILLIONAIRE LEADERS who know they came here to change this world in a BIG BIG BIG BIG way.
This programme is for 0.01 % of women, very rare women! You are so visionary that you will know instantly that this is what you are here for. If this is you, you will know it immediately, otherwise please don't join this programme because it will not work for you.

You are the New World Visionary with burning world mission inside your heart – you know your purpose and you want the fastest, most reliable solution to bring it to this world. You want the path that will help you bring it to the world in the fastest, most accurate way and that will explode your success bigger than it was ever meant to be.

To achieve this you MUST do things with the BEST High Performance structure that is available, a structure that also activates your Happy Frequency.

Why? Because to achieve big "unrealistic" results fast and reliably, you must enter a new, less dense vibrational opulent heart field and learn to live & create & do business from there! First step to enter this field is being unwilling to compromise your HAPPINESS anymore and gain the understanding that the HAPPY WAY is the only way of the new world in which things move much much much faster. You can never create your "unrealistic" billion dream and enormous income results in a stagnant, overburdened, slow, overthinking old energy! This is the old structure and that just will not work for a high frequency woman like you.

To create really big things you have to be FAST and never STOP. And to be FAST and never Stop you must do things in a Highest Frequency of overflowing Opulence - this is what Kat calls the "HAPPY Frequency" - this is the dominion of happiness of the Opulent Goddess / Empress. In this vibration the impossible things get created and big things get moved as if they were made out of feather, NO struggle, NO force!

Kat will teach you how to surpass any known predictions and liberate yourself from all your projections and limiting reality assumptions. You will receive the biggest key for your biggest independent creation from your FREE Open Feminine Healed Heart.

This is a new frequency-spectrum that you MUST learn to liberate and then to hold in your body, without fear, in 100% trust and knowing that all the practical steps that need to happen, and all the "difficult" things that need to be handled on the path of brining your vision to life will be handled in a perfect, most effortless, most efficient way by this new structure in this Opulent Happy Frequency.

Kat will show you the most reliable way to start working with this new structure.
Kat will teach you how to access your highest soul vibration and rely on your own vibration with a 100% trust and accuracy. Until you can 100% trust that the new structure can hold you, you will remain in fear, unprotected from the cultural human implemented programmes. You will remain stuck in between worlds, unable to bring your big billion dream to reality.
Premium group coaching

Orgasmic Millionaires

DURATION: 6 months
FOR WHO: 6 Figure coaches
RESULT: Get your first million FAST, become a REBEL MILLIONAIRE
OVERCOME: Waiting, hiding, playing a good girl, fear of judgment, following rules

About Orgasmic Millionaires

Orgasmic Millionaires is an Elite Revolutionary Coaching Program for 2% of Courageous Power Women that are ready to break out of the old programmed world, explode beyond all limits of possibility and be reborn into an Ultra-rich, Soul-electrified, Paradise Life in just 4 weeks.

You will get your Millions Through Feminine Beauty And Your Energy And Not By Hard Overworking.

You will learn to open to Forbidden Paradise that is waiting for you on the other side of your fear.

This programme is for you only if you are ready for complete liberation. Now. The energy of this Programme and Kat will guide you into the world beyond the known FAST (which can be very scary). You will leave your current old, stagnant, heavy reality completely behind. You will walk into the FIRE with nothing but your soul and you will be reborn into a true REBEL FIREWOMAN that you always knew you were meant to be.

Taking this courageous JUMP into complete liberation and the unknown will finally give you your Feminine Millions and everything that you desire. Finally Receiving the luxury & success and BIG things that match your Soul's bigness and beauty will bring you your deepest feminine healing. This is a Millions Therapy you have been waiting for.
group coaching


DURATION: 8 weeks
FOR WHO: New coaches
FOCUS: Liberate your inner Priestess of Sex, the artist, the poet inside you and create LEGENDARY INCOME from there.
OVERCOME: Suppression, feeling dead inside, lack of aliveness in your business and life

About Poeta

You are a supersensual, deeply emotional woman with big longing for wild, free, electric life.

You want to be free, move freely through the matrix of life and manifest all your hottest dreams and fantasies - at once.

You want to feel the wind on your skin, play in the sun, dance, do art and make money from this.

You want to travel to exotic places, great cities, meet people and explore the world. You want to wear high heels and short dresses and feel sexy and feminine.

You always had a dream to live a wild exciting life where you share your wild sexy beauty with the world that watches you in awe. You want to enchant everyone with your magnetic sacred "dance" and for them to not be able to take their eyes off of you.

But somehow, someway, you got stuck living the life that is exact OPPOSITE of the above.

How did this happen?

When did you allow your fear of the judgment of this world to turn you into a good frozen girl that is following the rules and is feeling overwhelmed and depleted by the deadness of her everyday business and life?

Poeta group coaching immersion is here to IGNITE your deepest, most sacred feminine #FIREFLAME and to awaken the Rebel Sexual Priestess that is now sleeping inside of you.

MAGIC, REVOLUTION, POETRY, SEXUALITY, OPULENCE, BEAUTY, #DREAMLIFE - this is all locked inside of your Frozen #FIREFLAME and POETA is the GATE that will bring this to life through the most sacred sexual manifestation technique. This will explode your money finally. Legend income is the income of a free Poeta woman. It's the law.

POETA will unfroze you, she will save your life.
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