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Revolutionary Feminine Business & Wealth Coach leading new world leaders & icons to their extraordinary income & complete liberation & legendary influence.
Be Wild & Rich & ELECTRIC & FREE
I will show you the most dependable way to generate fast, consistent 7/8/9 figures through complete liberation of your Wild Feminine Energy.
5 millions within 4 months, with real estate investment. 
1 Million in f..*, wild 8 weeks, after i started the Programm! 

Hi, I'm Kat.

I'm a revolutionary wealth and business coach, my true mission in life is to help highly energetic, highly talented women leaders liberate their intense, rebellious feminine energy and use it to explode into their extraordinary 7/ 8/ 9 figures income while fully living and fully receiving their true their wildest fantasy #dreamlife from their Soul - a life beyond the known.

My work brings you 1. the fastest path to your extraordinary income and legendary business success and  2.  the deepest healing of your heart and your femininity, your inner fire, your sexuality. This is where true feminine success comes from. This is how my clients reach their extraordinary results in fastest time. Owning their femininity and their truth in the deepest way.

Business will feel fast, fun, sexy and rebellious
+ you will get exact income and life that you really want.

I'm against doing business through hard, outdated, slow, suffocating boring structures. Instead, I will teach you business through new, high-frequency feminine explosive manifestation > - this is not just any kind of manifestation but highest frequency mastery technique  that will explode you into your extraordinary success Fast and will unlock your biggest mission in life, this the key to your liberation.

Who do I work with

with businesses generating $1M+ annually
You want to unlock a 100% feminine path to your billions.

Our mission is to accelerate the Power of proven Women Leaders who are in position to scale their business and have the courage to explode into legendary success, joy and unbound happiness.

Join the feminine billionaire club!
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generating 6-figures+ annually
You want a straight, fast and proven path to your First million.

You are 6 figure coach, ready to explode beyond all possibilities into your complete independence by liberating your feminine fire and showing it to the whole world to see.
You are done playing a good girl, done following rules. You want millions FAST without delay.

Get your first million FAST!
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I came to Kat to expand my business. It was running always amazing but it was somehow always the same. My children grew up and i was looking for this new chapter inside me. The impulse came and i opened up a Women Premium Circle, earned 800k in 11 weeks, i wrote a book only in 1 month, we created a new academy with my husband. We needed to grow inside for our biggest dream, but then it was so clear, so true, we sold our house and left Germany. We want to be free. It’s our biggest dream. Thank you deeply Kat. The feminine energy that has opened up inside me is so sacred. 
Munic, Germany
When i met Kat i was ATRACTED by her independent being. It felt so free to me. I have made already millions. But it was super heavy. I didnt want to experience this again. With Kat and my Souldownload i had the courage to launch a program that was 20 years in my head. Before i was scared of the outside judgements. After i received my Souldownload, my energy and truth exploded so much! I needed to do it. From the day i launched, i made 650k in 3 days. 500k were nearly all direct pay. It was a big revolution. Since that my business is warm, so much more easy, 

I can hardly put the genius of Kat into words. I can only express it roughly like this, KAT knows the truth AND she knows how to get where you want to be! Her precision is unique If you feel attracted to her, heed the call and go to her.

Tanja Elisa Faderl
Berlin, Germany

Kat was introduced to me by Bob Proctor, she is a highly developed Channel and leader and coach in universal law and Devine Feminine Freedom. Ever since I've met her and worked closely with her I've felt my Devine feminine power quantum leap.

Cliona O'Hara
New York City, New York

Before meeting Kat I worked hard and well, but lacked ease. My femininity didn't really find a place in my business. Although I earned a lot I was often unhappy. After working with Kat, I don't work that much at all, although I now have a publisher and also a fundraising business. I work more on special projects, but I enjoy it! I feel completely happy and have a profound experience of being able to meet my soul in business every day.

Become the rebel business woman that you always knew you were meant to be + generate extraordinary income results.
Income results
1 Million in 8 weeks, after I made the payment. 
After receiving my Souldownload i made 300k instantly that weekend. 
1 Million in 8 months. When is started with Kat i hardly had my first rate on my bank account. 
4 millions in 3 months, selling the house of her father.
Swiss Euro in 8 weeks. 
Jeanine D.
Every call with Kat is 100 percent!
Berlin, Germany
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Start doing business in a  fun, sexy, rebellious way.

You are a fast genius woman who wants to have fun with success

You have never been average. You were always special and outstanding. 
You love success, you are genius in success and you had always extraordinary revenues. 
You are intense, deeply emotional woman (even if you currently feel numb)
You have a deep desire to experience life, to feel it completely
You always felt like you have this Big Energy inside of you that was almost inappropriate and you felt like you had to hide it to be accepted by the world
You know that you have a Big Mission in this world
Following "proven" business systems and structures depletes you, sitting at your desk day after day suffocates your soul
You are a big master of manifestation but you are missing the key that would unlock everything for you
There is a new, Feminine Way of making money that will also lead you to your happiness and your electric fantasy #dreamlife, with no compromise.

Is this you?

Laying low, avoiding conflict, numbed-out and beaten-up by all the harshness and slowness of the difficult (& not as exciting) business that you somehow ended up creating.

You are chained to your desk, chained to your limited income, chained by all the "rules to success" you must follow in business and life. (that aren't even working)

You lay there, defeated, while constantly knowing that, in truth, you are the Rebel inside, a Wild Tiger dying to explode her big power and raw beauty onto this world (+ make some serious money while doing so.)

Kat's Mastery Groups Coaching Programmes are designed to liberate your inner Wild Tigress and use her wild energy to create the most dependable, fast income results.

Kat's mastery group coaching programmes

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Feminine Billionaire Leadership
For visionary rebel millionaires or multi-millionaires, 0.01 of women know they came here to change the world in a big way.

Enter the frequency of opulence, unlock your unbound happiness and create your world mission beyond what it was ever meant to be.
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Orgasmic Millionaires
For 6 figure coaches ready to become multi-millionaires FAST.

Walk into the fire with nothing but your soul. Enter the Speed-Fire Stream. This is the fastest way to millions but it will require all the courage from you, so be ready!
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For new coaches
who want to create legendary income by liberating their sensual, sexual feminine expression and pleasure energy.

Liberate your sexuality, fantasy #dreamlife and create the hottest income ever. Awaken the Priestess of Sex that is sleeping inside you.
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Special feminine strategy

Kat's Mastery Technique

How does Kat insure extraordinary, liberating results for so many of her female clients?

Kat has developed the Highest Frequency Mastery Manifestation Technique designed especially for intense, fast, highly talented, high frequency women that can't function and create success in just one linear way like other people do.

This revolutionary 100% feminine technique will finally show you exactly what you need to do. You will receive a clear, straight path that will leave no room for confusion or misinterpretation while giving you complete freedom of expression with guaranteed results.
I came to Kat's Coaching after a big transformation. Doctors said, that i am not going to live any longer. It was a big shock. I had immune disease. But i didn't accept this. I started to study with Dr. Joe Dispenza and my health came back, i understood energy, i manifested myself into my life back. This is where I met Kat and i was fascinated by the feminine way. The feminine was always so touching me. In Kat's space I could so deeply open up. I found my ecstatic feminine energy. I understood that i was so ill because i suppressed not only my beauty, also all my sexuality, all who i am. I followed Kat's Technique and I invested in real estate. With this investment I made 4,5 Millions within 4 months. I build up my premium Programme and completely new, powerful women come so easily to my coaching. 
Kat was introduced to me by Bob Proctor, she is highly developed Channel and leader and coach in universal law and Devine Feminine Freedom. Ever since I've met her and worked closely with her I've felt my Devine feminine power quantum leap. My confidence and sacred feminine energy has grown so much where I'm free in my business and free to be the powerful beautiful woman my soul has always yearned to be.
Kat radiates so much love and light, she has a gift of helping women be free from the old programs. Wealth and joy is easy and fast when you work with her and when you learn how to replace the old with her techniques. I love you Kat and will be forever grateful for attracting you into my life and business. Thank you
Cliona O'Hara
New City, New York
I can hardly put the genius of Kat into words. I can only express it roughly like this, KAT knows the truth AND she knows how to get where you want to be! Her precision is unique If you feel attracted to her, heed the call and go to her. I did and it was the best thing I have ever done. If she makes you angry or you react to her then you should work with her all the more and quickly. You will one day be proud and happy that you got to be one of her personal students.
Tanja Elisa Faderl
Berlin, Germany
I was REALY triggered in Kats Choaching. So many women became millionaire. One after the other. And me not. It was so hard. I was so jealous. But i stayed and went through it. This experience, my Souldownload and Kats Love made me find my own very unique way. I received a Healing Code that is transforming masses of women. I made my millions in my own fastness, in my own rhythm. I did it more slow but super grounded. My millions are growing on my bankaccount. I am still speaking the Souldownload now since two years. It’s so big and i am still in biggest guidance and growth with it. Everything a received from my own femininity since then is extremely successful. My premium class is booked out with 28 women. I have 4 programs that a fully booked out 
Ika K.
Beyond the known results

Liberation & Fast Results

Fast income results

In all my programms you will learn the most dependable and precise feminine technique to generate consistent 6-8-9 figures. I teach business through manifestation - the only way that works for high frequency new world leader women like you.

Feminine liberation & independence

Are you this chained tiger?
Chained to your desk, chained to your limited income, chained by all the rules you "should" follow and by the slow moving of it all.

Laying low, avoiding conflict, numbed and beaten up by all the..

- she is the rebel
- dying to explode

The Forbidden Fantacy

What if
Income results
1 Million in 8 months. When is started with Kat i hardly had my first rate on my bank account. I wanted to pull back again, because i couldn’t pay the amount in one payment. Kat allowed me to pay in two installments and i started. It was not easy and at the same time my growth was so rapid. After only 8 weeks i made 300k. It was an explosion. I did all the technique every day, again and again. After 8 months my first million was made. It’s a wonder. Kat is a wonder Chanel. I am so proud of myself, that i did it!!!!! Again and again. Now i am running a whole empire, only the feminine luxury way and i am living my dream. Daily. No compromise, no excuse, just the highest!!! 
4 millions in 3 months, selling the house of her father. She could not see and feel it before. It was completely isolated from her reality. In the mastery program she took her freedom, she connected with her truth, she sold the house and got the money on her bankaccount to be free. Before she felt so poor, now she is the millionaire that 
After receiving my Souldownload i made 300k instantly that weekend. I told Kat before, i would love to have a 6-figure amount on my bankaccount again!! It happened instantly. After this opening with my legendary Souldownload, i realized that i became millionaire. It was so invisible for me before. It’s a big process of realization that Kats heart is opening up. Suddenly i saw that i made my first million in income. It was such a big inner explosion!!! 
Dear loved Kat, I'm so fascinated about you and how you are always one the point and on our side. Every call is 100 percent! Between the calls you are present It's so amazing with what a precision you are guiding us. Thanks thanks thanks for everything! 
Berlin, Germany
I earned over one million in only 7 weeks, Right now I am doing a seminar with already 89 bookings for my program in a fantastic 5 star dream Hotel. I Explode in happiness and found my 15 million Dollar Business passion! 
Berlin, Germany Euro in 8 weeks. 
She is the outstanding success. With so much shine and happiness she just follows her impulse. She in the success stream. Manifested. 
Jeanine D.
She earned over one million in only 7 weeks Right now she is doing her seminar with already 89 bookings for her program in a fantastic 5 star dream Hotel She explodes in happiness and received fort he first time her 15 Million Dollar Business Vision 
Jeanine H, 
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