For millionaire feminine leaders who want to become billionaires
What if making Billions would feel Easy & Feminine and you could do it without compromising your Happiness and your sexy, wild energy?
Opening your heart at this level will make you feel independent from the whole world. Living this independent leadership will make you so happy and successful in the most rebellious, highest way.
Kat helped us close our 100.000.000, - deal. We were working for 6 months it was very intense and when Kat came in we just closed successfully. Now we are going for our worldwide mission.
Steff & Simon
You are a visionary
You are the rebel millionaire leader with a Big Dream and a burning worldwide mission inside your heart – you know your purpose and you want the fastest solution to bring it to the world.

You want the path that will help you bring it to the world in the fastest, most accurate and most reliable way and that will explode your success bigger than it was ever meant to be.
You are very sensual
Besides being wildly ambitious you are also deeply sensitive and sensual woman (or a man) who wants to enjoy life. You dream of being this sexy, wild leader who is having fun manifesting her visions & huge dreams. You want to feel electric & free in your complete expression. You want to have deep heart connection with your team & audience as well as your clients, your partner, family & friends.
But YOU HAVE a problem:

The step to making it big and keeping your energy in the high vibration state was too difficult.

Your work and business feel heavy and draining almost every single day.

You have no time for yourself, for joy and for your true creation work.

You are trapped in an office or behind your computer and you have no freedom.

You are constantly busy doing necessary work and are missing on life and your true visionary work that would move your mission forward is on hold.

There are constant delays, things are not moving.

Dealing with your clients / team / business partners feels very heavy and you have no solution for how to solve this.

People you work with or delegate things to do not understand your vision and they put all your business on stop.

Every time team turns your vision into something that it is not or your potential business partners, collaborators or clients do not understand it, it is so painful for you that you nearly give up.

You started this to start a revolution in this world but now you just want to quit and do nothing.

Dealing with the violence and slow energy of this world is too painful.

You started to close off your special energy. Staying open and sharing yourself and your vision with the world was so painful. The judgment was unbearable so you turned it inside, instead of being a warrior outside.

Premium 6-month group coaching masterclass for a woman (& men) who are already millionaires or multi-millionaires and want to activate their highest soul purpose, their biggest mission, the highest income and unbound happiness.
What will we activate:

The Exponential Receiving

– Getting the billionaire vision and the path to billions and knowing how to do it and starting immediately

– Getting 8+ figures instantly and then building billionaire stream up very fast

– Happy millions and billions on your bank account

– Exponential abundance.
Exponential warmth.
Exponential happiness.
Living like most people never will.

– Getting finally all the fruits from all the work.

– Finally receiving all the abundance on soul-heart-feminine level from year long or decade long intense work

– Getting all the nourishment, receiving warmth, appreciation and being seen for your work and being recognised for your big work.

- Nourishment on all the levels.

- Exponential Wonder opening.

– The exponential Multiversum is opening behind the gate

– Dry period finally ends when you step behind the gate, fearless into new chapter, independent, in biggest deepest connection and love for yourself

– Create your multi-brand

– Creating multiple income streams, easy


Impact / Vision

- You already have you highest vision, you always had it.
But what will you receive here is even higher and more creative vision that you could have ever imagined.

- You will get peace. I show you how to open your heart again and show you how to become independent from every human being and their opinion. You find inner peace and inner freedom and this os the biggest power you need for your leadership.

- You will liberate yourself from all of your projections and limiting reality assumptions and you will find the biggest key for biggest independent creation from your free heart.

- You will get the key for exponential growth and abundance, you will lear to love your enemies, to really love your enemies and become really free on the deepest level you ever experienced.

- In 6 months you will fully break out of the norm and you will feel super safe in your rebel mastery and brining the highest vision into this world.

- You will meet your soul beyond anything you can imagine now and you will be living it, you will receive a knowing on how to live it.


The Dominion of Happiness

- You will enter into the dominion of happiness, happiness sexiness explosion - this is the new feminine way of creation.

- Your team, business, partners, everything enters into this warm visionary heart space. It feels like a new world platform of connection, sexiness love.

- You become happy and you find happy people that help you bring your vision to this world.

- Your entire business becomes vibration of new world.

- You will enter the space of understanding enlightenment, understanding the highest dimensions of reality, and receiving the tools to build up the biggest reality from your heart, but easy because you became the biggest love.

- You connect with the highest consciousness streams and this will explode your genius and activate the independent biggest level of your genius

Why does every feminine leader need this?
No true leader is dependent on the outside.
No true leader allows to be influenced by another person to the point where they star distrusting their vision.
This new energy that you are meant to bring here can only be brought here by you, when you are in your true independence and this is what you need to learn.
The ongoing judgment of the outer world –  you will now learn how to deal with it, handle it and even make money of it.
Instead of closing all your potential and heart, our of fear, feeling the pain of being violated and beaten up by all the resistance and judgment, you will now become deeply free in your true expression and this is your fast path to becoming the billionaire.
Open to new possibilities
Overworked multi-millionaire trapped in an office, beaten up by all the violent people who don't understand her visionary work. Trapped in ongoing never-ending work stream. Busy, busy, busy, never time for herself and always dealing with difficult people.

Is this really the cost of making millions? Becoming a prisoner, becoming violated?

Bitcoin billionaires working from the beach
There is no office. It’s wild, worldwide on the move, meeting new people, it’s easy, money is made during sleep.
And there is an even higher way for you, your unique way and kat will open this gate for you.
Meet Kat?
I’m a self-made multi-millionaire business, money, and feminine liberation coach.IAM a Rebell. I made my first million within 4 weeks. Using my amazing manifestation technique. I made 3 million within 3 months. I made 6,5 million in my first year. It was an AMAZING breakthrough journey into the unknown! Using this gift that I have and all my visionary tools!!!I just continued. I went further. I got out of any limiting structure!!! My home, the way of living, the way of teaching my children.I went on world travel to experience my soul, my goddess while going on to make millions and liberating women.My technique made a revolutionary wave in Germany. The wave of liberation multiplied herself and reached so many people. This is what I love about the Billion soul stream. You activate energy and it multiplies, expands itself in the highest way!

I’m not living a known life. I’m against any suppression. I am for liberation, creativity, and guiding every human being to their most explosive TRUE MISSION!!!

Greatness is still the beginning. All is filed by love. Coming back to our deepest love, independent leadership, learning to access our highest soul Potential will explode this planet. I know you are a part of it. I know you are the skystar. I came to support you to bring your mission in the highest way to this world. I came to support you, so you become happy again and explosive into your unlimited success.

On my journey, I noticed a problem.

High visionary sensitive women often struggle to stay in their wild energy after making their first millions. When the business starts to grow they start compromising their happiness, their uniqueness and close their special energy under all the pressure of the world that is not as high-frequency as them. They start following systems and lose their independence and their unique expression and happiness gets compromised. They lose touch with their original vision and start hiding their rebellious nature.
All of this is very painful to them and in the end can lead to them subconsciously destroying their business and everything they’ve already created.FEMININE BILLIONAIRE LEADERSHIP is a program that will help you align yourself to your highest vision and activate your Billionaire stream in your business and life.
Kat helped us close our 100.000.000, - deal. We were working for 6 months it was very intense and when Kat came in we just closed successfully. Now we are going for our worldwide mission.
Steff & Simon
Kat helped us close our 100.000.000, - deal. We were working for 6 months it was very intense and when Kat came in we just closed successfully. Now we are going for our worldwide mission.
Steff & Simon
Billion soul download
A private intensive session with Kat will activate your Soul Mission, we will see if you came for billions, we will see how fast you can get there, we will see your soul purpose beyond anything that was known by you.

It’s a sacred, life-changing experience to meet your soul so deep.

You will regenerate, refresh and find your power. Your mastery will be elevated to the next level.

FEMININE BILLIONAIRE LEADERSHIP is a premium program and a 6-month commitment.That is why I would like to first see if we will be a good fit.You get the first experience before you make the life-changing decision to live your highest potential on the most extraordinary, liberated level.


Get in touch, let’s see if we are. a good match to mix up the world.
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